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SOVH Bookings Diary

SOVH ADVANCE BOOKings                                    



Sat 1st - Mon 3rd New Year Holiday

Tues 4th   6pm Martial Arts

Wed 5th   7pm  Table Tennis

Sat 8th   10.30 - 12.00  Village Cafe    CANCELLED

Mon 10th   9.0am   Fire extinguisher checks

                 6.30pm  Yoga

                 7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker

Tues 11th    6.00   Martial Arts

Wed 12th    7.00  Table tennis

Thurs 13th 7.00  table tennis Spinners

Sun 16th  9 - 4.30 Willow weaving - Kim Creswell

Mon 17th   6.30  Yoga

                  7.00  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 18th   6.00 Martial Arts

Wed 19th Table Tennis

Thurs 20th   TT Spinners

Friday 21st     7.15 pm  FILM NIGHT   High Society

Sun 23rd   9- 4.30  Willow basketry Kim Creswell

Mon 24th    6.30 Yoga

                   7.00  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 25th   6.00 Martial Arts

Wed 26th   11.00 - 2.00  Private Booking

                  7.00    Table Tennis

Thurs 27th   7.00  spinners TT

Fri 28th  9 - 2.30   Willow basketry  Kim Creswell

Mon 31st  6.30   Yoga

\                 7.00 ~Billiards & Snooker


Tues 1st   6.00 Martial Arts

Wed 2nd   7.00  table tennis

Thurs 3rd  7.00  Spinners TT

Fri 4th  9 - 2.30  Willow basketry Kim Creswell

Mon 7th    6.30   Yoga

                 7.00   Billiards & Snooker

Tues 8th     6.00   Martial Arts

Wed 9th     7.00 table tennis

Thurs 10th  7.00  Spinners TTFri  11th     9 - 2.30  Willow basketry

Saturday 12th   10.30 - 12.00   VILLAGE CAFESun 13th  3.00pm  ARTSREAch  BSO Resound

Mon 14th    6.30   Yoga

                 7.00   Billiards & Snooker

Tues 15th     6.00  Private Party

Wed 16th     7.00 table tennis

Thurs 17h  7.00  Spinners TT

Fri  18th     9 - 2.30  Willow basketry Kim Creswell  CANC

                  7.15   FILM NIGHT   Buster Keaton  in The General  

Mon 21st    6.30   Yoga

                 7.00   Billiards & Snooker

Tues 22nd    6.00   PCC meeting   

Wed 23rd     7.00 table tennis

Thurs 24th  7.00  Spinners TT

Fri  25th     9 - 2.30  Willow basketry  Kim Creswell

Mon 28th    6.30   Yoga

                 7.00   Billiards & Snooker


Tues 1st     

Wed 2nd     7.00 table tennis

Thurs 3rd   7.00  Spinners TT

Fri  4th      9 - 2.30  Willow basketry Kim Creswell

Sat 5th     12.00 - 5.00  Private party

Sun 6th     9- 4.30    Willow weaving  Kim Creswell

Mon 7th    3.00 - 6.00  Rita Virgo   Funeral

                  7.30   QTPC      

                 7.00  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 8th  

Wed 9th   7.00 Table Tennis

Thurs 10th  7.00   Spinners TT

Sat 12th   10.30 - 12  Village Cafe

Mon 14th  6.30  Yoga

                   7.00 Billiards & Snooker

Tues 15th   

Wed 17th     7.00 table tennis

Thurs 18th  7.00  Spinners TT

Fri  19th     7.15 FILM NIGHT  The Italian Job

Mon 21st   6.30 Yoga

                    7.00  Billiards & Snooker

Tues  22nd   

Wed  23rd  11-2 Private event - Joanna Carson

                    7..00   Table Tennis  

Thurs 24th   7.00  Spinners TT   

Mon 28th   6.30 Yoga

                    7.00  Billiards & Snooker

Tues  29th   

Wed  30th    7..00   Table Tennis  

Thurs 31st   7.00  Spinners TT  


Sat 2nd  Private party

Mon 4th    

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 5th    6.30pm   Yoga

Wed 6th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 7th  7.00pm    TT Spinners

Sat 9th     10.30 - 12 noon   VILLAGE CAFE

Mon 11th    6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 12th    

Wed 13th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 14th  7.00pm    TT Spinners

Friday 15th GOOD FRIDAY

Mon   18th   EASTER MONDAY

Tues 19th    

Wed 20th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 21st 7.00pm    TT Spinners

Friday  22nd   7.15pm   FILM NIGHT

Saturday 23rd 2.15pm  Maureen Townsend funeral

Mon 25th    6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 26th    

Wed 27th   11-2pm  Private meeting - Carson

                   7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 28th  7.00pm    TT Spinners



Tues 3rd   7.30PM   PCC AGM

Wed 4th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 5th  7.00pm    TT Spinners

Mon 9th    6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 10th      

Wed 11th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 12th  7.00pm    TT Spinners

Sat 14th     10.30 - 12 noon    VILLAGE CAFE

Mon 16th    6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 17th       

Wed 18th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 19th  7.00pm    TT Spinners                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mon 23rd   6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 24th      

Wed 25th    7.00pm    Table Tennis

Thurs 26th  7.00pm    TT Spinners

Mon 30th   6.30pm  Yoga

                  7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

Tues 31   6.00pm   


Thurs 2nd    QUEENS PLATINUM JUBILEE  BH  Lighting the Beacon 9.45pm

​                      Hog roast in the Mitre Car Park

Friday  3rd

Saturday 4th     QEII Platinum Jubilee Village Party

Sunday 5th

Monday 6th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Wed.   8th      7.00pm   Table Tennis

Saturday 11th    Village Cafe

Monday   13th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Wed.   15th      7.00pm   Table Tennis

Monday 20th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Wed.   22nd      7.00pm   table tennis

Monday 27th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Wed.   29th      7.00pm   Table Tennis


Sat 2nd      11.00am - 3pm  Car Park - wedding parking Yeoman


Sat 9th    Village Cafe

Monday 11th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Wed.   13th      7.00pm   Table Tennis


Monday 18th    6.30pm   Yoga

                          7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker​

Tuesday 19th   7.30pm  PCC cancelled

Wed.   20th     7.00pm   Table Tennis\

Monday   25th   6.30 Yoga  

                            7.40 PCC

                            7.00pm   Billiards & Snooker

Wednesday 27th   7,.00pm   table Tennis



Monday1st     6.30pm  Yoga

                        7.00pm  Billiards & snooker

Tuesday 2nd   Artsreach - children  'Acting up"  all day 

Wednesday 3rd    7.00pm    Table tennis  

Sunday  7th   Yeoman party  11- 4pm

Monday   8th  6.30 pm Yoga

                        7.00pm  Billiards & Snooker

                    Artsreach 'Forest School' at the Potters ( VH rain reserve)

Wed   10th    7.00pm   Table tennis

                      6.45 - 8.00 Car park booked Kim Creswell  "local herb walk"

Monday 15th   Artsreach - children  'Dinosaurs'  10.30am - 3.00pm

Saturday 20th 11am - 5pm  Yeoman children birthday party.

Sunday 21st   Artsreach Open Air Theatre in the Potters' Garden

                         THREE INCH FOOLS   - TWELFTH NIGHT

thursday; 25th pm.Artreach children 


Sat 4th ......)    Glenholme Nursery open day - borrowing crockery urn etc.

Sunday 5th)

Monday 5th    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7.00pm

                        QTPC   7.30pm

Wednesday 7th   table tennis  7.00 pm

Saturday 10th   Village Cafe  10.30pm

Monday 12th   Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00pm

Wednesday 14th   Table tennis   7.00pm

Monday 19th   Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00pm

Wednesday 21st   Table tennis   7.00pm

Saturday 24th  12 - 5pm  Private party

Monday 26th   Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00pm

Wednesday 28st   Table tennis   7.00pm


Monday 3rd    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7.00

Wednesday 5th   table tennis  7.00 pm

Saturday 8th   Village Cafe 10.30am

Monday 10th   Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7.00pm

Wednesday 12th   table tennis  7.00 pm

Monday 17th    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7..00pm

Wednesday 19th   table tennis  7.00 pm

Friday 21st     Film night

Monday 24th   Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00pm

Wednesday 26th  table tennis

Monday 31st  Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00p


Wednesday 2nd   table tennis  7.00 pm

Monday 7th    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7.0pm

Tues 8th  7.30pm   PCC meeting

Wed  9th  am   Private meeting (Carson)

                 Table tennis   7.0pm

Saturday 12th Village Cafe

Monday 14th    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7..00pm

Wednesday 16th   table tennis  7.00 pm

Friday 18th    Film night

Monday 21st    Yoga   6.30 pm

                       Billiards & Snooker  7.0pm

Wed  23rd am   Private meeting (Carson)

                 Table tennis   7.0pm

Monday 28th   Yoga 6.30pm

                      Billiards & Snooker   7.00pm

Wednesday 30th  table tennis


Friday 9th Film Night

Saturday 10th  Village Cafe

Sun 18th    Mince pies & mulled wine  after Carol Service